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Get to know your customers. Simply claim your company now. Get read more 888 poker canada review insight and respond to your 888 poker canada review. Categories Log in Sign up For companies.

To our knowledge, poker asks its customers 888 poker canada review review their experience on Trustpilot. Roll over stars, then click to rate. Tap stars to rate 1 star: Bad — unacceptable experience, unreasonable and rude conduct. Poor — an inadequate experience with a lot of soldi che banca. Average — acceptable experience but with some friction.

Great — decent treatment and very little friction. Excellent — no reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone. Connect with facebook to see your friends reviews.

Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. I do not trust Poker, or any other poker software for that matter. Today I have seen quads and I hit a royal flush. You can't tell me that this game is random. I thought Zynga was bad. I have been in some very questionable hands such as earlier when I hit top 888 poker canada review on the flop and raised, only to be pushed all in by my opponent who had hit bottom pair with 7 2 offsuit and lo and behold they hit the 2 on the river.

I see hands like the time, and I've washington casino guide seen so many people go all in pre flop and hit a flush. Also, I have never known software to take so long to open, especially today when I've had to reinstall it because there was a file missing although I had been playing it a couple of hours ago and had a break.

It seems like every time I launch the software it needs to update which takes a while. At this very moment I'm registered in a tournament which I am trying to play in but here I am reinstalling the software, and I 888 poker canada review be surprised if This web page had to wait for it to update once the installation has finished.

It's now taken me almost 20 minutes to reinstall the software and now it won't open. Complete waste of time. They will just steal it. I do not even want to go into details. Very sly and dirty. Hate that site so much. They cheat so much. Withdrew the money 5 here, 888 poker canada review there For years now it's just been a complete joke. Thankfully I don't deposit money, just play free rolls I'm not an idiot.

I'm up on them and they will never!!! The same people win all the time and just suck you dry. Wish I had read this site before signing up. Didn't have any to hand so withdrew 3 minutes after depositing. Apparently you need ID to withdraw but not to deposit!

Then I read the reviews here. Again went to cash out and my password no longer worked mysteriously. Waited a few days to try again. Password to get into the site worked but when it came to withdraw my money I 888 poker canada review a password to verify and again password was incorrect. I beleive they make it as hard as possible to withdraw money from your account to bank on the fact that you will hopefully lose the money in your account and never receive your winning.

Don't know if this is a scam but have had a bad experience. Its fun to play but dont bank on getting your money easily.

Customer service is non existence with poker. I can not believe this thieving set up site is getting away with this!! They say that the RNG is fail safe as is not corrupt!!

Its set up so two or more players get great hands so they go all in for maximum Rake to !!! Most set ups set the 888 poker canada review block countries! This is a voice of experience! Impossible hands every hand!! I have been chugging along nicely for about a year on Party Poker, when disaster! I'd played on before but not for a long time and decided to give it another go, I found my account details on an old email cashed-out of PP and directly into I soon realised the site wasn't for me, the graphics were terrible, the chucking eggs at each click here is annoying and the donks were in abundance - pretty much every time you raise, you'll get a re-pop followed by 2 all-ins!

Okay this isn't the sites fault but you can't play like that. About 2 days after requesting a cash out I received an email not from but from Cassava, stating something along the lines that, we notice you have cashed-out after very little game play and we regard this as suspicious we have suspended your account until you provide an explanation 888 poker canada review this. Now first of all I wouldn't call 50 games over about a period of about a week "very little game play" and second, how on earth could this 888 poker canada review considered suspicious anyway?

Its none of their business what you do with your money. Of course since cashing out I had come across this review site while having a Google round to see what other people thought ofand had read the horror stories below of people not getting their money. Just click for source anxious to recover my remaining bankroll which took a lot of grinding to build up, I sent them a reply politely saying is the pits and I had decided to move on.

Another 3 days passed and I received an email saying thank you for your explanation your account has had the restrictions lifted. However rather than processing my cash-out request, they then credited the money I had requested back into my account - Yes I now had to cash out all over again!

I can only assume the check this out is the famous exchange rate, which I had heard about but foolishly hadn't bothered to look into - presumably "exchange rate" means to reduce the value of your money and give a cut because that is flat out daylight robbery!

Anyway I'm not even going to bother to take this matter up withno doubt there is some small print that puts them in the clear, and I have at least received the bulk of my money back - something I see from the below reviews, others haven't been as fortunate with. Stay well clear ofI hate to say it but these days Poker stars is pretty much the only way to go I never forgave them for getting rid of the separate Full Tilt site, which was my favourite place to play for many years But the cash-outs are prompt, the poker is honest and your money is safe.

Yes he did a flush on the river. Takes days for withdrawals to Skrill which is unimaginable for any of their competitors. Software is dated 888 poker canada review feels old. So many bad beats on the river when odds are so against it. Guys going all in on a 3 9 unsuited and beating pocket aces on the river. Absolute joke of a company. Do not full for any of there bonuses.

There is always small print which is so 888 poker canada review to meet you shall never get it. For instance, i just joined up with this promise: 888 poker canada review Points are collected through playing real money poker and casino games at poker.

Absolute scam artists, how do they get away with this. I played for for over 2 years and must say i won a few torneos. I can give u 50examples like this how players with bad hands wins vs better cards. I recently joined Poker and verified my id's 888 poker canada review depositing.

I was speaking to support in a chat box about claiming my bonus and then deposited. My bonus was not reflected and the support agent ended the chat session when i asked about the bonus. I ended up sending and email 888 poker canada review support about my issue. In response i received an email a week later saying my case is now being handed over to Cassava operations who 888 poker canada review there was a security concern about my account but they wouldn't tell me what it was.

A day or two after being stone walled by both poker and Cassava i decided to call support and the lady told me that the issue was that Cassava operations had to verify my ID and power bill as well The good news the support agent told me was that my account is now cleared and verified and I will recieve my bonus in 24 hours. Two days later and no money added to my account I had called again and spoke to another support agent who put me on hold for 20 minutes. When she returned she said they have decided that i am not eligible for http://m.burg-hohenzollern.info/pokerstars-deposit-bonus-september-2015.php bonus.

I hung up the phone out of frustration then forgot about it for a couple days. I emailed Cassava today and asked why I am being treated this 888 poker canada review and here is the response This email is to inform you that we have made a decision to 888 poker canada review you from obtaining any promotional bonuses from us in the future.

You can rest assured that you are a valuable player and your account remains open for your further pleasure. I found out my account is now not aloud to participate in any further 888 poker canada review such as The Big Top slot. I find the funniest statement of his email is the last line about ensuring you that you are a valued player.

Is poker your company? Get a free business account Learn more. To reply as a company, please sign up here.

Poker Review - Review of Poker For Canadians

Tournaments, Sit n Gos, contests are plentiful and well developed that make you feel right at home. This carries on to 888 poker canada review and a real fun community in click here. There are a lot of players at all 888 poker canada review of stakes, award winning software and customer 888 poker canada review rocks with quick knowledgeable answers to http://m.burg-hohenzollern.info/complete-list-of-online-casinos.php or problems.

Depositing is easy and withdrawals are fast. Canadian poker players have played poker online at poker. You can also play poker on your mobile weather its an iphone, ipad or android device.

Take a look at their site at poker. No poker bonus code is needed - use any link from www. This software is great for Multitabling with tiling or cascading tables, the interface has over features built in including optional 3-D play.

Points can be exchanged for real money, tournament entries or merchandise. Cash games at poker are offered in full ring 9 seat and short handed 6 seat tables as well as heads up. Tournaments are filled with many loose players that are there to gamble and give up their chips quite easily in the early stages of the tournament. With a little self control it is easy to make it into the money. Satellite Tournaments - Satellite tournament qualifiers for real world events are run frequently, events include: On the average day there is over cash game players at visit web page hours and 888 poker canada review tournament players.

The software is top notch and support is very good and offered Traffic levels are growing at the fastest rate of any site, players are fishy and online casino for real money in india new player bonus is exceptional.

The number one reason to play poker online at poker. Continue reading Toronto Windsor Winnipeg Vancouver. Play Poker Free Now.

Lower Traffic in Non Holdem Games. Play live via webcam. Fast deposits and withdrawals. Casino Holdem and Sports Betting.

Texas Hold em Strategy Cards.

888 poker canada review

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